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Over 90 percent of the startups fail and only 40 percent ever become profitable. Despite USD 643 Billion venture investment in 2021, only six percent early stage startups got funded. Poor market knowledge, missing product-market fit, running out of cash, flawed business model, bad timing, taking too long to launch etc., are some of the reasons for the early stage failure and this failure causes burnout, financial distress and frustration.

Being founders ourselves and advising others for years, we understand the challenges, roadblocks, pitfalls and lonliness in traversing the road to success. The five week Sprintx intense program is designed help founders to refine the problem or innovation, identify target market, evovle business model, financial planning, pitching, investor engagement and lot more.

For the convenience of the founders, the program runs on Saturday and Sunday for three hours(8:00am - 11:00am ET, USA), includes training and workshops. Every participant is expected to actively participate and prepare ground work for the following week sessions. Sprintx, might choose to invest into selective startups based on the performance and its prospects.

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